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Our ideas and plans that work for any product or business.

Either an individual, a startup, or a business operating for years looking for capturing the digital market Our team of professionals is available to help you out. Our marketing strategy and innovative designs will definitely grab clients' attention.

Who Are We?

We are a unique creative Gold Coast Company in us. we are located in San Jose with an international client base. Creative original concepts and exceptional design production are what we’re all about. Infinix Designs offers a good range of services including; Graphic design, branding, marketing, web design, and printing. We established in 2010, we offer you the most effective service and unique products to make sure you succeed. Drop us a line to get started on your next design project, we can’t wait to listen to from you.

We have a design that is a perfect match for your business and will definitely scale up your business to a new height of success

Our proven and practiced strategies when combined with the professionalism and creativity of our team will end up in a well-tailored business plan and marketing and advertising strategies. Coordination between our client and teams let them have a marketing plan that will meet the requirements of customers as well.

Our Team?

Infinix Design is a design company with experience you'll trust. As a full design agency located in San Jose but servicing clients everywhere the world, we certainly see our share of sun. But it’s making our clients shine that actually matters to us. we've fully skilled and highly qualified 70 employees which are Microsoft Certified, Oracle Certified Developers also as Adobe Certified graphic designers and video animators. Whether we’re doing logo design, creating brochures, designing websites, or coming up with clever infographics, we always keep your needs top-of-mind.

Employing the right people to do the task helps us deliver on that pledge. we look for people who are driven to deliver work that connects with our clients. We promise more than just logo design when you use our services, we also want to get to know you and understand your business’s aims. once we do that, we will offer logo creation and other services that get to the guts of what you’re doing and assist you better connect with the people you’re trying to succeed in. our team of graphic designers creates a shocking and interesting design that reflects your business correctly to the target market.

Our Strategy

Working with a company which can truly bring a fantastic business experience. Once you collaborate with us we ensure to meet requirements and needs of your business and take all those measures which will satisfy your business goals.

Our Vision

Our main concern is to focus on improving and enhancing customer services so you can enjoy recurring and revisiting customers. Coordination between our client and teams let them have a marketing plan that will meet the requirements of customers as well.

Our Mission

Our mission statement is to provide our clients with a superb product that will help represent them in a positive, creative, and thought-provoking way. Develop a reputation for excellence and commitment to providing creative and thought-provoking projects.

Our Goal

Let us be your partner in helping your business grow dramatically. We know all the current market trends and bring our products accordingly.We have helped many businesses to reach their optimum target and satisfy their clientele.

Our Services

Using systemic approach and sophisticated website architecture, we deliver exceptional designs with user-friendly interfaces. Infinix Designs is the best digital marketing agency to integrate your brand values with best practice UX design and top web development companies (company). We facilitate comprehensive online marketing plans by creating the most custom, scalable websites for our clients. If you need a creative digital marketing agency to make your brand stand out from competitors, a seamless user expert, or perhaps a little bit of both — you've come to the right perfect audience.

Assisting businesses with state of the art brand development solutions that help them stand out. We understand the importance of branding and make sure everything goes as per market needs, your ideology and our expertise Branding in the right direction can set your brand off to rocketed fame. Entrust us to develop your brand identity, like no one else can. With more than a decade of experience under our belt, we shape your brand for the needs of today and vision of tomorrow. We blend brilliant design, creative strategies, innovative mindset and technology skills to create a brand identity that transcends the product and promises an experience.

If pictures speaks louder than words, videos speak even louder. We produce inspirational animated videos for businesses globally. Animated explainer videos‎ are not just about making something wonderful –It's about finding the most exquisite answer to knotty issues and conveying the right message to the audience. A powerful message, delivered to your audience with precision can make all the difference for your business. With shortening attention spans it is important that you keep it unique and exciting for your audience to pay attention to your message and choose you over your competition.
Our animation experts have the knack for creating bold and influential videos, devising the perfect strategy to invite a far-reaching impact. From a simple idea to the complete animation, our work is nothing but sheer excellence. Let us take you on a journey of astonishing creativity.

We partner with people with bold missions and ambitious thinking to help them de-risk the process of bringing their great ideas to life. Our Award and Recognitions validate that when businesses think about expanding into mobile segment, we are one of the Top Mobile App Development Companies in the US.
We are an app development agency focused on challenging the boundaries of user-centered design by creating bespoke mobility solutions. We create contemporary mobile solutions for technology enthusiasts, businesses and agencies to help them make a mark in the digital community.

A successful marketing campaign begins and ends with a tactful strategy. We believe the same is true for digital marketing. Our team is dedicated to creating and executing unique strategies for your brand. We know that social media gives brands the power to reach their ideal audiences through granular targeting, relevant content, and meaningful conversation. However, reaching social media’s full potential can be tricky. With so many ever-changing platforms, performing the day-to-day online operations can become a grueling task. Infinix Designs is committed to remaining a step ahead of online trends and keeping your brand at the forefront of the social media world. We are committed towards helping brands with different aspects of their digital marketing strategy by deploying result-driven services.

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Upbeat work culture and relentless can-do attitude enables us to deliver projects that surpass your expectations.

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We take a comprehensive and collaborative approach to website design and development. We believe in change that catapults optimal performance.


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Collaboratively actualize excellent schemas without effective models. Synergistically engineer functionalized applications rather than backend e-commerce.

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